• Ibrahim Khater

Habouji launches its Celebration Box; spot it in any Fairprice Finest near you!

We are proud to announce the anticipated arrival of our Celebration Box; this launch has been creatively curated along with Zenko Superfoods - a healthy yet tasteful snack that pairs deliciously with Habouji's artisanal cocktails! Be ready to host the next coolest gathering with friends or a Saturday night movie fest.

Expect flavour pairings of zesty lemon with juicy lychees, spiced peppercorns with vibrant passionfruit - all this punch packed in a deliciously fuelled concoction of gin and vodka. Keep your eyes peeled for our vibrant box in any Fairprice Finest near you at a special price of $49 (U.P. $70) only for our fans!

And remember, be sure to show Habouji and Fill A Pita some love by tagging us in your stellar photos with our box - happy drinking!

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