Habouji'S STORY


HABOUJI is a hummus-infused events management partnership dedicated towards re-injecting sporadic doses of stimulation into the local social stratosphere.

Our aim. Vision. Mission. And inquisition. Is to re-inoculate withered souls from a perception of mediocrity that we have bestowed upon ourselves in an age so heavily concentrated with social class judgement.

An act. Easier written. Than done.

But can we all atleast admit.
That was written pretty god damn well.

We understand the pronounced disparity that does exist between our country’s robust architectural infrastucture and measley Social fluidity per capita.

Be it an Asian or Singaporean attribute, our velocity of socialisation could definitely see appreciation.

It is this very trait that has instilled in us the grave discipline to wake up religiously every morning, at 11.37 am and devote some fraction of our time between tea and dinner to brainstorming on concepts and ideas that could perhaps radically inspire people towards a rampant mode of public parlay.

Well. The only idea we came up with was Ecstacy.

But that’s not exactly Sustainable. Healthy.

Or Cheap.

However, with perseverance, intuition, and sufficient MSNBC research, we find ourselves here, at a crossroad, communicating with you, the reader.

Here to convince you that we think we know what we’re doing and have formulated concepts worthy of your attention.

That is, concepts that could seriously enhance Social lubrication.
I mean. Apart from vaseline.

Our solutions comprise of cocktails, Ethereal sounds. Poignant scents (Like the one at the Shangri La Lobby Public Toilet) , an Ever-evolving charisma. And a fuck load of hummus.

Regardless of race, language, or E-Z link card balance, HABOUJI shall act, operate and re-invigorate the fabric of society in solidarity with all Vegans, ex-wives and LTA officers.

We humbly look forward to part-taking in this movement with you.

As the old saying goes.
Too much of St Ives apricot scrub never killed anyone.

Ibby & Vinny


It is with immense honor, humility, and a pathiala pinch of hubris, would we like to introduce to you the birth of Habouji.

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